Digital Hotplate NDH-101

Digital Hotplate NDH-101

Digital Hotplate NDH-101 is benchtop laboratory equipment used to perform various heating procedures like digestion, evaporation and dissolution etc. It has a ceramic worktop that safeguards it from chemical corrosion. It is regulated with temperature sensor made up of platinum to effectively monitor temperature fluctuations. It displays high temperature warning that ensures the safety of equipment and the user.


Work plate Dimension 184 ×184 mm
Work plate material Glass ceramic
Heating position 1
Heating output 1000W
Power 1010W
Heating warning 50°C
Heating temperature range Room temp. - 550°C, increment 5°C
Control accuracy of work plate ±10°C
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40℃ 80%RH
Safety temperature 580°C
Temperature display accuracy ±1°C
PT1000 accuracy ±0.5°C
Dimension (W x D x H) 215×360×112 mm
Power Supply 100-120/200-240V 50/60Hz
Weight 4.5 kg


  • 7-inch square, compact work top
  • Digital temperature control with max. temperature up to 550C
  • LED display shows temperature and speed
  • Fire Protection class IP21
  • Over Heat protection


It is widely used in research laboratories, quality control laboratories or any laboratory set up that deals with precise laboratory procedures.

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