Muffle furnace NMF-100

Muffle furnace NMF-100 is self-contained, oven-type equipment which makes use of high temperature above 1000C for heating of the samples into ash like substance. It is composed of silicide carbon sintered material that withstands up to 1700C temperature. It is designed with Platinum-rhodium thermocouple heating element that provides optimum insulation properties. This allows complete maintenance of heat inside the chamber. The automatic switching off power feature ensures safety of the furnace as well as the user.


Type Temperature control box
Temperature 1200°C
Size 300 × 200 × 120 mm
Capacity 7.2 L
Rated Power 5 Kw
Voltage 220V / 50Hz


  • Durable
  • Fuselage corrosion resistance
  • Ammeter
  • Setting adjustment for temperature range
  • Accurate temperature control
  • High temperature iron chromium aluminium alloy resistant wire
  • Digital indicator


They are widely used for scientific experiments in physics laboratories, water analysis with respect to measurement of total solids/total suspended solids. Rice laboratories, steel and paint industries, biotech companies and small industrial production etc.

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