Vertical Tabletop Autoclave NVTA-200

Vertical Tabletop Autoclave NVTA-200 is a vertical pressure steam sterilizer with an automatic pressure-temperature controller. It functions with a combination of high temperature and pressurized steam generated by an installed electric heater to bring about effective sterilization of biologically hazardous waste, culture media, heat resistant laboratory consumables, and surgical dressings etc. It has user friendly functions with low power consumption.


Capacity 18 L
Chamber Volume ∮ 280 × 260 mm
Working Pressure 0.14 - 0.16 Mpa
Working Temperature 126 °C
Temperature Range 105 °C - 126 °C
Timer Range 0-99 min
Maximum Safety Pressure 0.165 Mpa
Heat Fluctuation ≤ ± 1°C
Power AC220V, 50Hz / 2 kW
Display LED display
Overall Dimension 420 × 420 × 630 mm
Net Weight 12 kg
Gross Weight 14 kg


  • Fully Stainless Steel design
  • LED to display working status and touch type key
  • Quick opening door with hand wheel structure
  • Easy, Safe and reliable working operation
  • Automatic shut off with beep sound post sterilization


It is widely used in areas like microbiological laboratories, pharmaceutical QC, R&D departments, and Clinical and hospital labs to generate potable high quality drinking water in industrial and mining sectors.

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