Stomacher Blender NSB-100

Stomacher Blender NSB-100 is an equipment that helps in fast blending and homogenisation of various laboratory samples with the help of twin reciprocating paddles. The samples are contained inside a sterile, disposable bags and can be directly sampled and analysed, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. It comes with adjustable paddle technology that help in blending of solids and semisolids samples by applying pressure. It is vital especially in downstream molecular applications such as pathogen detection using qPCR, microbial genotyping and sequencing methods.


Mixer type Paddle
Volume 3 - 400 ml
Paddle speed range 180 - 720 rpm
Paddle speed 3 - 12 times/second
Paddle space 0 - 55 mm, adjustable
Timer 0.1 - 99 min 59 sec or continuous
Control mode Microcomputer control
Parameter storage 3 segment combination
Heating function Absent
Temperature range Absent
Disinfection Absent
Display LCD
Homogenizer bag 100 sheets
Homogenizer bag size 300 × 170 mm
304 Stainless Steel rack 10 sample rack
Overall dimension 420 × 230 × 330 mm
Weight 20 kg


  • Large screen display
  • Adjustable homogenization speed and timer
  • Transparent glass for easy viewing
  • Extremely low noise production


Suitable for a wide range of applications for sample preparation microbiological sample preparation applications in the food, life science and environmental markets.

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