Commercial Food Dehydrator NCFD-108

Commercial Food Dehydrator NCFD-108 is an instrument widely employed in food preservation by reducing the moisture content and thereby increasing the shelf life of the desired food. With controlled heating and precise temperature control, hot air is circulated throughout the chamber to remove moisture from the food. It a gentle method of preservation and seals in the flavours and nutrients in the food.


Capacity 155 L
Number of trays 20
Tray size 400 × 380 mm
Power 2000 W
Timer 0hr – 24 hrs, adjustable
Gap in-between rack 35 mm
Body Material 0.8 mm thick SUS201 stainless steel
Tray material SUS304 stainless steel
Temperature range 30 °C – 90 ℃
Noise level 50 dB
Voltage 220-240 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz
Dimension (L × W × H) 550 × 470 × 970 mm
Net Weight 40 kg
Gross Weight 45 kg


  • Digital control with touch screen panel
  • Double layered body
  • Built-in heat protection
  • Advanced drying performance
  • Equipped with additional crumb tray, drip pan and wheels


Employed in across culinary fields for dehydrating various foods ranging from nuts and flowers to meat and vegetable products.

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