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Graphite Block Digester NGBD-200

Graphite Block Digester NGBD-200

Graphite Block Digester NGBD-200

Graphite Block Digester NGBD-200 is a compact digestion unit employed for Kjeldahl digestion of a wide variety of samples with nitrogen content in the micro and macro range. Adopting a protective-coated graphite block and PTFE corrosion-resistant pipeline design, it results in accurate and precise temperature control and heat transfer efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for small laboratories that are looking for simpler and safer digestions.


Sample capacity 20
Digestion tube volume 300ml
Digestion tube diameter 42 mm
Heating module PID temperature control
Control mode Digital
Temperature range RT- 450 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1 °C
Power Supply AC 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 515 × 421 × 211 mm
Weight 25 kg


  • PTFE-coated anit-corrosion design
  • Infrared heating with high-purity graphite conduction for uniform heating
  • PID temperature control with 20 digestion programs
  • 5.7 colour screen with curve and linear temperature rise
  • Multiple protection and safety control


Widely used for various pre-processing of analytical sample and digestion of the sample that is to be analysed in Kjeldahl analyzer as well as for sample pre-treatment in the food industry, pharmaceutical as well as environmental industry, quality inspection, universities and other industries.

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