Ultrapure Water Purification System NUWS-100

Ultrapure Water Purification System NUWS-100 is a water purification system optimized to produce Type I ultrapure water from tap water. It is a combination of Pre-treatment, RO and Ultrapure Water system and effectively removes various contaminants. The unit operates from tap water and provides highest level of purification, commonly employed for analytical techniques like HPLC, DNA/RNA preparation, protein analysis, etc.


Process Double Pass RO System
Feed Water Tap Water
Output of Pure Water >10 L/ h
Output of Ultrapure Water >1-1.5 L/ min
Resistivity at 25°C 18.25 M Ω
Conductivity at 25°C (Type III water) ≤ 5 µS/cm
Conductivity at 25°C (Type I Ultrapure Water) 0.055 µS/cm
TOC < 5 ppb
Pyrogens / Endotoxins < 0.001 EU/ml
Bacteria < 1 cfu/ml
Particles (< 0.22µm) < 1 cfu/ml
Absorbance at 254nm ≤ 0.001
Reactive Silica (SiO2) < 0.01 ppm
Heavy Metal < 0.01 ppm
Dimension (L × W × H) 345 × 537 × 540 mm
Temperature 5-40 ℃
Humidity 10 % - 80 %
Weight < 45 kg


  • Fully automated, micro-computer control system
  • Built-in high precision resistivity sensor
  • Automatic and timed flush feature to prevent fouling of the membrane
  • 0.22?m membrane for effective filtering out larger pollutants
  • Manual RO membrane cleaning button
  • Superior grade ultra purification cartridge


Widely utilized for analytical procedures like HPLC mobile phase preparation and preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc. across various life sciences field.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 PP filter
2 Activated carbon filter
3 Softener
4 1st booster pump
5 1st RO membrane
6 2nd booster pump
7 2nd RO membrane
8 Pure water tank (30L)
9 Pure water pump
10 UV lamp
11 Integrated Ultra Purification Package
12 Integrated Ultra purification column
13 Resistance meter
14 Microfiltration

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