Calibration Instrument for Air sampler NCAS-200

Calibration Instrument for Air sampler NCAS-200 is mainly used to calibrate all microporous plankton samplers. The flow range is from 0 to 200 L/min and show a good flow accuracy in the range of 2.5 %. It provides high precision of 1 %. It can measure very quickly and accurately the flow of the sampler without increasing the load of the sampler, which results in large deviation of the flow before and after the test.


Flow range 0 to 200 L/min
Flow resolving power 1 L/min
Flow accuracy ± 2.5 %
High precision ± 1 %
Update speed 1 /second
Built-in battery capacity 7.4 V 3 Ah
External power supply DC 8.4 V , 1 A
Charging time < 4 h
Battery working hours > 4 h
Instrument noise < 55 dB (A)
Shape size Φ 110 × 87 (mm)
Net weight 0.85 kg


  • One button operation, boot can be used
  • Lithium battery; 7.4 V, 300 Ah
  • Response is quick and data is updated every 1 second
  • High precision: - 1 %
  • Appearance size: Diameter 110 mm, Height 87 mm, Weight 0.85 kg


Calibration Instrument for Air sampler has a wide applications in various field such as; biology laboratory, sterile pharmaceutical factory, food processing workshop, optical lenses, electronic industry.

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