Air Shower NAS-200

Air Shower NAS-200 also termed as “personnel air shower”, “clean room air shower” or “product air shower”. Air shower materials includes color steel plate, steel plate and stainless steel. It is usually located between clean room and unclean room. Air shower is self-contained with the reliable running, beautiful appearance, low consumption, energy saving, convenient maintenance and novel structure which bathe the object/person when passing through it. The air inside it is prior filtered by the action of fan and then flows in to the static pressure tank. After this process the clean air is jet out at high speed from the nozzle of air shower. The nozzle angle is adaptable, due to which it can effectively blow out dust attached on person/objet surface.


Number Single person-Double side
Nozzle Number 12
Diameter of nozzle Diameter 30 mm
Caliber of nozzle 15-20 m/s
Type of filter HEPA
Efficiency of filter Granularity is less than 0.5 µm, dust must be 99.99%. (sodium flame)
Size of air shower area 700Ă—760Ă—1900 mm
Size of air shower 1300Ă—760Ă—2050 mm
Power AC 3N 220 V 50 Hz
Max power 1100 W
Weight 250 kg


  • Air shower is partial purifying equipment of strong universality
  • HEPA high efficiency air filter that filters about 0.3 micron dust particles up to 99.99
  • Automatic interlocking barrier is placed between clean room and un-clean room
  • LCD control screen with intelligent alarm, timing, air shower and lighting
  • Stainless steel nozzle consist of corrosion resistance, cleaning resistance, cleaner blowing
  • Floodlight is attached for easy use
  • Designed with, low consumption, energy saving and convenient maintenance
  • Blown dust enters into primary-efficiency air filter again, circulating so and reaching to the aim of air shower
  • Air shower is often formed with stainless steel, powder coated mild steel or high grade thermoplastic


Air shower series are used in various field such as colour packing, brewage, biological engineering, foodstuff, machinery, electron, medicine, and other industries as well as scientific research fields.

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