Air Automatic Purifier NAPR-200

Air automatic purifier NAPR-200 is kind of air purifying unit providing partial purifying environment. It is a type of self- purifier equipped with 4 hoops on the top for fixing it on room ceiling and fixed type is divided into ceiling type and window type. It is composed by fan, primary efficiency filter, air supply static pressure tank, high-efficiency filter and flow plate. This purifier absorbs top air on ceiling and then sends it to room through primary-efficiency and high-efficiency filters.


Rated air volume 800 m3/h
HEPA Filter Efficiency 0.9999
Overall dimension 630 × 630 × 400 mm
Dimension (W×H×D) 600 × 600 × 150 mm
Weight 54 kg


  • Superfine glass fiber paper as filtering material
  • Wind, return air outlet and Choi steel appearance
  • High efficiency concerns device
  • Air diffuser cover and condole top piece is fixed
  • Applied in aseptic room
  • Equipped with 4 hoops on the top for fixing
  • Designed by high-efficiency filters and low plate


It is widely used in small areas, such as sterile room, laboratory, pure water and filled water plant, drinks plant, milk product plant, food plant, wine plant and pharmaceutical synthesis.

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