Portable Digital Refractometer NPDR-100

Portable Digital Refractometer NPDR-100

Portable Digital Refractometer NPDR-100 is a light-weight, hand-held instrument that can measure the Refractive Index and the Brix value for any kind of liquids and provides the user with the information regarding the amount of solids (sucrose) dissolved, indicating the level of juice or drink concentration. The microprocessor controlled system gives accurate results. Small amount of sample is required for determination of refractive index of liquids. Easy calibration can be carried out using distilled water.


Scale Brix and Refractive Index
Range Brix - 0.0-90%
Refractive Index - 1.3330-1.5177Nd
Resolution Brix - 0.1%
Refractive Index - 0.0001Nd
Accuracy Brix - ± 0.2%
Refractive Index - ± 0.0003Nd
Display Dual-level LCD


  • Measurement parameters include Brix, refractive index
  • Equipped with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Handheld and portable with 3-button operation
  • User friendly operations and large storage capacity
  • Fast and precise measuring results
  • Large and high resolution LCD
  • Designed with an internal light source
  • Battery-saving automatic power off


Used widely in food, agricultural and lubricant industry as well as in restaurants and large-scale catering establishment.

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