Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer NXRF-100

Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer is an analytical instrument that enables metal, elemental or chemical characterization of sample. It is an automated system with non-destructive sample testing technology. It is equipped with Silicon drift detector (SDD) that enhances the accuracy and precision of analysis.


Detection method Energy dispersion X-Ray fluorescence
Accuracy ±0.01%
Machine resolution 129 ± 5eV
Measuring range 1% - 99.999%
Temperature Range (- 11°C ~ 46 °C)
Display Built-in capacitive touch LED, OLED of about 9 inches
Detector Top SDD probe
Voltage 100V- 240V
Rated Power 150 W
Overall dimensions 670 × 330 × 400 mm
Net Weight 33 kg


  • Safe and durable with operational safety features
  • It is equipped with radiation protection safety devices
  • High precision detection with PPM level; accuracy and reliable testing data
  • Determines errors and actively displays active control status on screen
  • Rapid and qualitative detection within few seconds
  • Automated and Non-destructive testing instrument
  • It can perform analysis of precious and expensive metals with built in industrial based control system
  • It can provides interface for external connection of printer (label/thermal/regular) and balance/density meter


It is widely used in various fields for metal or alloy detection in Geological Research Laboratories, Geoscientific prospecting, Quality inspection Institutions, Metal handicraft industry, Precious metal smelting in jewellery factories, coin factories etc.

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