Isocratic High-performance Liquid Chromatography NHLC-200

Isocratic High-performance Liquid Chromatography NHLC-200 is an isocratic pump liquid chromatography system. It involves a superior high-pressure pump that aids in accurate solvent delivery with high-precision and low-fluctuation. The UV detector assembly enhances stronger detection capability of the system. This leads to efficient separation of the desired pharmaceutical compound and obtains high operation reliability for extended time intervals.


High pressure pump 1
Column C18
Column dimension 250cm×4.6cm
Injection valve 6-way ,7725i
Flow rate range 0.001-9.999mL/min
Flow rate accuracy ≤±0.5% (1mL/min, water, room temperature)
Flow rate precision RSD≤0.08% (1mL/min, water, room temperature)
Pressure range ≤42MPa
Detector UV
Lamp Deuterium lamp
Wavelength range 190-700nm
Baseline noise ≤8×10-6AU
Baseline drift ≤1×10-4AU/h
Detection Limit 4×10-9 g/ml (Naphthalene/methyl alcohol solvent)
Wavelength accuracy ±1nm
Software EasyChrom Chromstation


  • Advanced and innovative design modules
  • All maintenance parts are accessible from the front panel for easy replacement without dismantling of the instrument
  • The monitoring system will terminate the pump on exceeding its pre-limit pressure
  • All components are controlled effectively via a workstation
  • Multiple data analysis function, flexible peak identification and data management, etc


It is used multidisciplinary to split a mixture of compounds in the fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, industrial purposes and Research & development studies.

Optional Accessories

Accessories No Name
1 Autosampler
2 Column Oven

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