Vacuum-Type Glass Filtration Unit NVGF-103

Vacuum-Type Glass Filtration Unit NVGF-103

Vacuum-Type Glass Filtration Unit NVCF-103 is a filtration unit combined with vacuum pump for rapid filtration of particulate matter from solvent. Designed from hard borosilicate glass, it is crystal clear and has uniform wall thickness throughout giving clear view of the contents inside. Equipped with fritted-glass support base and the sample reservoir, it is secured in place by an aluminium clamp and can hold 47mm diameter membrane filter. It is an indispensable equipment for HPLC analysis as it aids in longevity of chromatographic column.


Flask Volume 1000 ml
Flask Material Borosilicate glass
Funnel 300 ml
Funnel Material Borosilicate glass
Membrane filter diameter 50 mm
Vacuum pipe 5 meters
Vacuum Pump Oil-free, chemical resistant
Maximum Vacuum 658 mm of Hg
Maximum Flow 30 L/min
Maximum Pressure 40 psi
Power 110V / 60HZ, 180 W
Noise < 50db
Weight 9 kg


  • Hands-free filtration
  • Withstands high pressure, leak-proof system
  • Autoclavable apparatus
  • Chemically resistant to most aqueous and organic solutions
  • Contains 0.22-micron nylon membrane filter


Widely utilized for analytical procedures for microscopic retention analysis, particle tests, filtration of alkali and aggressive solutions as well as buffer solutions for the HPLC analysis.

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