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LGDS Series


  • Ingenious optics configuration, computer controlled, sealed darkroom and touching control panel make using LGDS a pleasure.
  • High performance and resolution digital CCD camera and CMOS camera are selected.
  • LGDS system owns an outstanding large-aperture camera lens for optimum light transmission.
  • Extremely weak signal can be recognized and close bands can be distinguished from each other.
  • Latest CCD technology and advanced noise reduction algorithms ensure the high performance image with high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Including UV and White trans-illumination, UV and White epi-illumination.
  • Single USB2.0 interface to complete command transfer and image capture.


Technical Specification & Ordering Information :
Model No.

Gel Documentation System LGDS 100 A

Gel Documentation System LGDS 100 B

Gel Documentation System LGDS 100 C

Darkroom Simple, hermetic, microprocessor control
Camera Digital CCD camera,
1.40 million pixels, 12bit
        CCD camera
0.44 million pixels, 8bit
  CMOS camera   
1.30 million pixels, 8bit
Resolution 1360 x1024 768 x 576 1280 x 1024
Operation panel Full function control panel Full function control panel with LCD screen Full function control panel
Lens  6x motorized zoom
Filter Standard F590 filter with layers coating
UV Transilluminator Transmitted area: 21cm x 26cm
 wave length: 302nm (254nm,365nm selectable)
Trans-White Uniform white transillumination plate (option)
Epi-UV Double-UV epi-illumination source (option)
Epi-White Double LED reflection
Software Image acquisition, enhancement and analysis
Operating system compatibility Windows XP,2000,98
Interface Single USB2.0
Catalog No. 13840101 13840102 13840103